A warm welcome to you

Services are usually held every Sunday at St James's Church in Avonwick (though subject to modification during the current pandemic), and you are welcome to join us at any service.

Avonwick church is dedicated to St James, one of the two brothers who followed Our Lord during the years of his ministry.

St James's Church holds regular services and seasonal events.

Weddings, baptisms and funerals by arrangement.

Avonwick Church in the snow


February 4th


11 a.m. Holy Communion Prayer Book

Hymns  563,  137,  120,   53,  553

Service taken by The Venerable David Gunn-Johnson, Retired Archdeacon of Barnstaple, Chairman of the Prayer Book Society in the Exeter Diocese

February 11th


11 a.m.  Mattins

Psalm   150

Hymns  349,   90,   60,    277,   494

Service led by Keith Butler 

February 18th

Lent 1

11 a.m Holy Communion

Hymns     145,   452,   120,   346  

Service taken by the Rev Preb Philip Darby

February 25th

Lent 2

11 a.m Mattins followed by a short Holy Communion

Psalm  105 verses 1-6 

Hymns  514,   269,  520,  366,  426

Service taken by The Rev Preb Philip Darby

March 3rd

Lent 3

11 a.m. Mattins

Psalm  11

Hymns  464,   69,  480,  427

Lay led service